Update on Nanotechnology Activities in British Columbia (2012)

As the developer of the most comprehensive review of resources and activities on nanotechnology in BC, David was invited by TaigaTec Research Corp. to provide input to a national update survey to Industry Canada.

Survey of Nanotechnology Community (2011)

David supported, AGY Consulting Ltd. In its project to survey companies active in the use of nanomaterials in eastern Canada. The aim of the study was to understand the occupational health and safety practices of nanomaterial users and manufacturers. David developed and created a web-based survey instrument suitable for collection of data from a dozens of companies.

NanoAlberta Meetings (2009)

Following the success of the BC Nanotechnology Roadmap developed in 2007, David was invited to advise NanoAlberta representatives on the processes and techniques used to collect and assemble data. This involved telephone and face-to-face meetings in Edmonton, AB as a representative of Nanotech BC.

Activities with Nanotech BC (2007/2008)

As Principal, Science and Technology David has organized and engaged in a number of formative meetings and workshops in British Columbia including half-day interactive seminar on Nanotechnology and the Power Industry held at NRC’s Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation. He also managed the development of a white paper provincial strategy for Nanotechnology in British Columbia with input from a dedicated team of experts.