Composite Materials

BC Composites Community Survey: October 2010 to March 2011

Team Members: David J. Roughley, Prof. Anoush Poursartip (The University of British Columbia), Tony Edgar, Richelle Dabrowski (Industry Canada)

Following earlier work with NRCʼs IRAP program—to create an industry snapshot of the British Columbia’s composites industry in 2007—David was funded by IRAP and Industry Canada to update the company database as part of a UBC-led strategy development plan to revitalize the composites industry base in Western Canada. Using a web-based survey method, the team reviewed/assessed over 150 companies in the province and identified over 30 that had closed or discontinued activities in the intervening years. A further 37 (40% of the active community) provided direct feedback on challenges and activities providing a valuable insight into the dynamics of the industry, and the steps needed to address its points of pain.

Polymer Recycling Business Evaluation: 2008

Team Members: Kambiz Tehari, PMT, 

Following an NRC recommendation and support grant (MART), a start-up company requested input on the feasibility of a polymer recycling operation, which it intended to fund. David assembled a team of experts and undertook a detailed examination of business and technology aspects of the proposed enterprise. The final report detailed some areas of concern and established an outline for an investor presentation.

Composites Industry Workshops: 2008

Team Members: Christine Taggart, NRC-IRAP, Duncan Cross, CPIA

Following on from the BC Composites Industry Survey in 2007, two half-day workshops were planned in Vancouver and Kelowna, BC by NRC-IRAP and Canadian Plastics Industry Association. At a time when the first hints of industry recession were being felt, over 30 attendees joined each meeting to debate key points identified in the original report, and to consider industry initiatives going forward.

BC Composites Industry Survey: 2007

Team Members: Christine Taggart, NRC-IRAP, Duncan Cross, CPIA

With financial support from NRC-IRAP, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association awarded an open-bid contract to analyze the composites manufacturing community in British Columbia. The project involved assembling an experienced team to create a web-based survey and analysis tools to collect and report on 150 participants, with a view to creating an industry organization and/or cluster group within the province.