Recent Assignments

Composite Research Network (CRN): Coordinator, Industry Affairs

With an expanding range of government, academic, and industry connections, David’s role within CRN is to coordinate outreach efforts to both funding organizations and industrial end users and to help guide strategy as the initiative continues to grow. In 2016 David began efforts to explore the formation of a national network for composites, including CRN and other expert groups across the country. Through David, CRN facilitated a series of workshops as an engagement and consultation process in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, Montreal, and Halifax.

Composites Research Network/IRAP Co-funded Research for SMEs 

Following its initial two years of funding from WD, CRN has developed many connections through direct industrial engagement (projects, workshops, seminars, conferences etc.). Late in 2014, NRC-IRAP initiated a formal multi-year Contribution to Organization agreement with CRN aimed at supporting SMEs in the composites industry. David helped craft that agreement, and leads further development of CRN’s industry intelligence to include outreach to composites companies across all of Canada.

Plan Development for A Fraser Valley innovation Network (Consultant, 2015)

With funding from NRC-IRAP, David interviewed various business developments, enterprises, research and education establishments, and other stakeholder groups in the Fraser Valley concerning attitudes towards innovation. Case studies were included from the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver Island, where innovation initiatives have been in process for several years, with the aim of providing comparison material and connecting the initiative to the wider BC technology development network. Strategic options were proposed that suggested a wider collaborative approach between existing stakeholders in different municipalities across the Fraser Valley.

Composite Research Network (CRN): Strategy Development

CRN is a strategy that aims to revitalize the ailing Western Canadian composites industry comprising over 250 companies. The UBC-led strategy development has received support and interest from Western Diversification, Industry Canada, NRC-IRAP and many other industry organizations. David has acted in support of the principle architect (Prof. Pourstartip) to create the written documents describing the emerging strategy, and to engage interested parties across the country towards the vision of a workable strategy. The plan has involved long-term discussions/negotiations and the development of due diligence reference documents on equipment needs, industry needs, budget estimates, training and project plans, tracking metrics and deliverables, and an overview roadmap. David helped coordinate and produce many of these documents and integrated them into the master strategy, which was approved for funding in January 2011. David continues to act in support of CRN as Coordinator of Industry Affairs: West Coast.

Technology Monitoring, Business Analyst, Strategic Business Insights.

SBI is a Californian-headquartered consulting group originally spun off from SRI International. Now a separate entity, SBI maintains a subscription global technology tracking program: Explorer. David has contributed to the program over several decades on topics including advanced silicon microelectronics, diamond thin films, nondestructive testing and evaluation, fiber optic communications, quantum gallium arsenide microelectronics, and fiber optic sensors. He has recently contributed articles on nanomaterials and advanced polymer composites.